Absorbia Pro

Absorbia Pro 30 Litre Sack

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Absorbia Pro is a professional, heavy duty absorbent processed from inert, inorganic natural material; Absorbia Pro has a highly dynamic amorphous structure, the Absorbia Pro particles provide a tremendous amount of surface area when compared to their volume. This structure allows for excellent surface tension, contributing to the exceptional absorption qualities of Absorbia Pro. In effect, Absorbia Pro will turn the spilt fluid into a solid that can be disposed of safely, easily and without fuss. Because it is lightweight and so simple to use, it dramatically reduces clean-up costs, as well as the ever-increasing costs of disposal.


Absorbia Pro Power Absorber absorbs more fluid than any other comparable absorbent on the market. It has the ability to absorb up to 30 times more fluid than clay based granules and is at least 5 times more absorbent than any other absorbent on the market.