Absorbia Pro

The Most Powerful Loose Absorbent on the Market


The Most Powerful Loose Absorbent on the Market

Absorbia Pro power absorbent (sold in the U.K. as Spill-Aid) instantly absorbs all kinds of liquids*, of any viscosity, from all surfaces hard or soft, leaving the surface clean and dry. This includes spills of chemical*, mineral, petroleum, Human, animal, and vegetable liquids.

Absorbia Pro absorbent powder has unlimited uses as a dry absorbent that is safe in all applications. It is super-fast, thorough, and an easy way to absorb spills of liquids and semi- liquids of all types* on contact and turn them into a solid that can be removed easily and effectively without leaving any residue whatsoever.

*Do NOT use on Hydrofluoric Acid (HF)

What is Absorbia Pro

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About Absorbia Pro

Available in both 30 Litre Sacks and 5 Litre Pouches

All packaging for Absorbia Pro is made from recycled material and can be recycled.

absorbia pro power absorber

30 Litre sack

30 litre sacks are made from recycled PE.

absorbia pro power absorber 5 litre

5 Litre pouch

All 5 litre pouches are made from recycled PET12/PE130.