Absorbia Pro

Absorbia Pro, does it have competitors?

Of course it does!

If we didn’t have competition, we wouldn’t stand out from the crowd!

But why is it so special?

Because Absorbia Pro is the only loose absorbent in the World that can demonstrate all of the benefits above and more. No other loose absorbent on the planet can say that!

But why are we so sure that it’s the best?

Put simply; we tested every product, we looked for their faults & failures and when we made Absorbia Pro – we made it better than anything we tested. Even products that claim to do a similar job as Absorbia Pro does not have the absorbent capacity.

But how do we do that?

We very carefully blend various particulates of the same mineral together to make an outstanding loose absorbent. This blend is a very well-kept secret, and gives us the optimum recipe for the best absorbent around.