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Absorbia Pro removing old oil from an old factory floor

1. Pour ABSORBIA PRO in front of the spill (NOT directly onto the spill) partially surrounding it.

2 & 3. With a broom, push ABSORBIA PRO onto the surface of the spill. Then, using a firm swirling circular motion, with the broom’s bristles perpendicular to the surface, mix ABSORBIA PRO into the spill until the liquid is absorbed.

4. When the spill is absorbed, remove the ABSORBIA PRO with a dustpan and broom.
Remember that used product must be disposed of according to all applicable Federal, State and local regulations for the substance that was absorbed. Also, for your safety, only properly trained and equipped personnel should respond to hazardous waste spills.

ABSORBIA PRO can be used for all liquids and semi-liquids:

• Petroleum products: Gasoline, diesel, jet fuels, Hydraulic / brake / transmission fluids, motor oil, axle grease, refining and production wastes or expended byproducts
• Paint (water, oil, or epoxy based)
• Anti-freeze (Glycol)
• All liquid or semi-liquid food substances: Honey, syrup, jams, jellies, peanut butter, vegetable oils
• All bodily fluids: Human and animal wastes, blood
• All chemicals: Herbicides, bases, alkalines, solvents, acids (except hydrofluoric acid)