Absorbia Pro power absorbent instantly absorbs all kinds of liquids*, of any viscosity, from all surfaces hard or soft, leaving the surface clean and dry. This includes spills of chemical*, mineral, petroleum, Human, animal, and vegetable liquids. It has unlimited uses as a dry absorbent that is safe in all applications. It is super-fast, thorough, and an easy way to absorb spills of liquids and semi- liquids of all types* on contact and turn them into a solid that can be removed easily and effectively without leaving any residue whatsoever.

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EQS: Experience – Quality – Service


Absorbia Pro has been at the forefront of the absorbents industry for many years, with this has brought together a large base of experienced personnel all under one roof. Our experts are from all industries across all sectors from both public and private entities and have demonstrated a unique development for loose absorbents. Drawing on this experience has proved invaluable in our research and development of Absorbia Pro, giving the Absorbia Pro user one of the most remarkable absorbents in the world, all designed, developed, marketed and manufactured solely within Europe by Europeans.


Our products are produced from Sustainable natural minerals and are developed under very strict Quality Control conditions. Using only the highest grade of mineral available, we have produced a product that is flawless in it’s ability to absorb spills on impact and leaves the surface totally dry and slip free. Every thought process has been employed to ensure our products exceed expectations and give the ultimate quality. From the actual absorbent to the precise packaging with various translations on its contents, how to use and pictograms all on the packaging makes Absorbia Pro easy to use no matter which country you’re from.


Absorbia Pro's service is second to none in the industry, and our aim is simple – to listen to our customers requirements. We can deliver to any country European wide*, both effortlessly and efficiently, keeping your route to market supplied at all times. Our logistics work with you on all your assignments and can even drop ship on your behalf direct to your customers if required. In many cases we will have agents that can directly deal with you in your own language to overcome linguistic difficulties in pricing, purchasing and operating conditions.

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What is Absorbia Pro

Absorbia Pro is The Most Powerful Loose Absorbent on the Market

Absorbia Pro is a professional, heavy duty absorbent processed from inert, inorganic natural material; Absorbia Pro has a highly dynamic amorphous structure, the Absorbia Pro particles provide a tremendous amount of surface area when compared to their volume. This structure allows for excellent surface tension, contributing to the exceptional absorption qualities of Absorbia Pro. In effect, Absorbia Pro will turn the spilt fluid into a solid that can be disposed of safely, easily and without fuss. Because it is lightweight and so simple to use, it dramatically reduces clean-up costs, as well as the ever-increasing costs of disposal.

So why should we use Absorbia Pro?

Put simply “Absorbia Pro” does the work for you! It is so effective on all types of spills; that Absorbia Pro starts to absorb on impact and will leave your surface dry and slip free in seconds, leaving the area safe to walk on. No drying, no waiting around whilst other absorbents take time to do their job! Absorbia Pro works instantly, giving you time to do the things that matter – safe in the knowledge that Absorbia Pro has done the job you wanted it to do, quickly and effectively.

Who needs Absorbia Pro?

All industries and market sectors will have a need for what is arguably the “World’s Most Powerful Loose Absorbent”. Companies that use Absorbia Pro are among the top companies in the world and come from sectors such as:

  • Military
  • Local Government
  • Refineries
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Retail Sector
  • Hospitals
  • Veterinary Practices
  • Nursing Homes
  • Highways Maintenance Contractors
  • Hotels – Restaurants – Nightclubs & Bars
  • Schools – Universities – Nurseries
  • Airports – ports – Highways – Railways
  • Couriers – carriers – Forwarders
  • Just about anyone that is in daily contact with Liquids

Absorbia Pro, the benefits

  • Reduces disposal costs
  • Reduces Slip & Trip liabilities
  • Reduces overall costs of clean up
  • Is versatile
  • Non-selective
  • Works instantly
  • Inexpensive to use
  • Is Environmentally Friendly
  • Is 5 – 30 times more absorbent than clay granules
  • Is totally inert & cannot harm Humans, Animals, Plants, and Soil etc.

Waste collection [a cost saving for using Absorbia Pro]

 On average it costs €333.00 to have 200kgs of contaminated used absorbent waste, removed and collected from site. With an average bag of clay absorbent granules weighing 25kgs, the company disposing any of this type of waste, would only get 8 bags of clay granules removed and safely disposed of, this equates to roughly €41.00 per bag on disposal costs when using clay granules. However, the average weight for Absorbia Pro is only 5kgs; therefore the consumer will be able to safely remove 40 bags of their spilt waste when using Absorbia Pro, this equates to just €8 on disposal costs when using Absorbia Pro.

Absorbia Pro, does it have competitors?

Of course it does!

If we didn’t have competition, we wouldn’t stand out from the crowd!

But why is it so special?

Because Absorbia Pro is the only loose absorbent in the World that can demonstrate all of the benefits above and more. No other loose absorbent on the planet can say that!

But why are we so sure that it’s the best?

Put simply; we tested every product, we looked for their faults & failures and when we made Absorbia Pro – we made it better than anything we tested. Even products that claim to do a similar job as Absorbia Pro does not have the absorbent capacity.

But how do we do that?

We very carefully blend various particulates of the same mineral together to make an outstanding loose absorbent. This blend is a very well-kept secret, and gives us the optimum recipe for the best absorbent around.


Environmental Credentials

Absorbia Pro is one of the few products around that is made from a natural, sustainable material. It is not a by-product or waste material, but the end result of many years of testing to get the formula perfect for the absorbents market. And best of all, it’s made in the EU.

A Heavy goods vehicle will travel in the UK on average 100‘000 miles per annum, producing 6‘000kgs of co2 per year, per kilo transported. Therefore if you transport a typical pallet of clay granules 50 miles down the road, the weight of the granules would be 25kgs x 70 bags = 1750kgs; your co2 emissions would therefore be 105kgs.

Transport the same amount of Absorbia Pro [remember you need vastly less product of Absorbia Pro to remove spills] the same 50 miles down the road and your co2 emissions will be just 21kgs.

Environmental impact and sustainability

  • The global Perlite industry mines less than 3sq miles of land.
  • To date in the last 200 years, the world has not even used 0.5% of the ore available.
  • Limited mining impact.
  • No chemicals are used in the mining or expansion process.
  • Perlite is one of the few ores that does not create by-products during processing.
  • Is at least 5 times lighter than other absorbent media, making it cheaper to transport as vehicles use less energy to move it from production to customer.
  • All of the product produced in expansion is used with no waste left over.

Health – caring for you

Most of our rival products are made from clay granules, which are basically made from Diatoms or Diatomaceous Earth, something that the World Health Organisation has labelled as “Highly Carcinogenic” However, using Absorbia Pro eliminates the need to stock dangerous products that could potentially harm your staff. Absorbia Pro has no carcinogens and is not labelled as a hazard to health in any way and can be used absolutely anywhere, safe in the knowledge that it will do no harm to Humans or Animals.



Making sense of it all!

Environmental packaging

All packaging for Absorbia Pro is made from recycled material and can be recycled. 30 litre sacks are made from recycled PE. All 5 litre pouches are made from recycled PET12/PE130. Why we use Stand up pouches?

  • 80% less weight and volume compared to plastic screw top jars.
  • Pouches lay flat when spent, thus reducing excess waste collections [obvious knock on]. Due to the flatness of the product the transport cost is kept to a minimum from point of manufacture to the supplier.
  • 90% less material is used to produce the same volumetric capacity. 23 billion units are now being produced each year across Europe for these reasons.

Economical and social benefits

Perlite mining has limited environmental impact, rigorous studies are carried out prior to mining to ensure minimum disturbance of local biology. The members of the Perlite Institute actively carry out surveys on how to reclaim and restore mined sites back to their original biological status.

Rural and urban economies

The Perlite Institute strives to improve the socio-economic development of many communities throughout the world. It helps to provide local jobs, and helps to develop the economies of local areas both rural and urban. It is the most responsible mining institute on Earth and can boast that it is the greenest with the least carbon footprint of any mining group on the planet.

The use for perlite as a loose absorbent has many benefits that are demonstrated within this technical guide, not just for the daily routine of lifting various related spills. Using perlite has an excellent, proven track record that it is not only Safe & Environmentally Friendly but is socially acceptable & is an economically viable & thoroughly sustainable method for the use as an absorbent media.

How to Use

Absorbia Pro removing old oil from an old factory floor

1. Pour ABSORBIA PRO in front of the spill (NOT directly onto the spill) partially surrounding it.

2 & 3. With a broom, push ABSORBIA PRO onto the surface of the spill. Then, using a firm swirling circular motion, with the broom’s bristles perpendicular to the surface, mix ABSORBIA PRO into the spill until the liquid is absorbed.

4. When the spill is absorbed, remove the ABSORBIA PRO with a dustpan and broom.
Remember that used product must be disposed of according to all applicable Federal, State and local regulations for the substance that was absorbed. Also, for your safety, only properly trained and equipped personnel should respond to hazardous waste spills.

ABSORBIA PRO can be used for all liquids and semi-liquids:

• Petroleum products: Gasoline, diesel, jet fuels, Hydraulic / brake / transmission fluids, motor oil, axle grease, refining and production wastes or expended byproducts
• Paint (water, oil, or epoxy based)
• Anti-freeze (Glycol)
• All liquid or semi-liquid food substances: Honey, syrup, jams, jellies, peanut butter, vegetable oils
• All bodily fluids: Human and animal wastes, blood
• All chemicals: Herbicides, bases, alkalines, solvents, acids (except hydrofluoric acid)

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The Most Powerful Loose Absorbent on the Market